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Emergency Contact Info:
9-1-1 - Life-Threatening Emergencies Only
Call 911 when there is a life or death emergency that requires the immediate response of emergency service such as police, fire or ambulance.
Emergency operators will verify your address, telephone number, and name ensure that the telephone company address that is sent with the call is current and accurate; this is especially important for calls placed from a cellular telephone.

382-4633 - Non-Life-Threatening Emergencies
When there is a situation that requires police response but is not an emergency, use the 7-digit number above.
Text Alert Stats
The Carmi Police Department emergency text alert system was designed to alert the public when ever a serious event could alter normal day to day life. If you would like to sign up for emergency text alerts you may do so by clicking here.

Current Subscribers: 320
Weather Alerts Sent: 61
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The Carmi Police Department does not approve nor endorse any organization or individual to solicit donations for the Department. We advise citizens not to donate to anyone who claims to be raising donations for the Carmi Police Department.