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Subscribers of this service are bound by the following terms of service

It is not the function of this service to respond to users, including requests for help or assistance. Messages sent to this service are not received by dispatchers or officers.

Subscribers should expect no more than 50 messages per month; however, actual volume may increase/decrease depending on the frequency of severe weather and other events the community may experience.

While the intention is to alert subscribers of important information we make no guarantees as to when messages will be delivered, if at all. There is a possibility that the cellular provider will not be able to deliver messages for any number of reasons. Messages can be delayed, never sent, or received.

Messages are sent with the purpose of simple notification; subscribers are to research information further in order to make informed decisions regarding the notification. The Carmi Police Department is not to be held liable for any content delivered to you via this service. We urge people to make logical decisions regarding all information and resources available.

The Emergency Text Alert System is a joint effort between the Carmi Police Department and nixle. Useage of this service is subject to nixle's terms and conditions.

All subscriber information is maintained by nixle® and is subject to nixle's privacy poliicy.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the Carmi Police Department's Emergency Text Message Alert System please contact us by using any method listed on our contact page.

nixle is a trademark of the everbridge company.

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